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technical cooperation

yinkman technology is an audio r&d technology company offering complete innovative audio solutions. with our state-of-the-art immersive audio capture, post-processing and reproduction technologies, we have first-class capability in high-tech audio technology research and development.

core tech

yinkman technology mastered the technology from audio capture to pre-processing, codec, post-processing and reproduction, a complete audio processing solution. and a full set of audio algorithms focused in our yinkman toolbox, it could rapidly prototyping of effects for many audio products. after that, embedding the algorithm to the hardware design and conversion the prototype into a stable technical solutions and product solutions.

yinkman product

yinkman technology core team has more than 150,000 hours of audio technology and product development experience, with first-class industrial design team. in depth cooperation with well-known overseas chip makers and domestic first-tier audio products supply chain enterprises to build a world-class audio technology products.

yinkman’s first 5.1.2 channel panorama soundbar home theater - omnos is equipped with yinkman’s technology exclusive research and development of immersive panoramic sound algorithm, work with seven precision angle speaker units and wireless subwoofer, beautiful combination of nordic style. become a new weathervane in home audio and video entertainments.

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“wireless control, with mobile phone app, one key set up the sound field”

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