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panorama sound home theater

yinkman's panorama sound home theater system equipped with yinkman technology exclusive research and development of immersive panoramic sound algorithm, using the spatial reflection of sound, crosstalk cancellation, hrtf.etc. these kinds of audio algorithms technology perfect create a unique immersive panoramic sound effects in room.

panorama sound home theater

yinkman's panorama sound home theater system combines a complete set of power amplifier system of traditional home theater, intelligent dsp processing system, left and right main speakers, center speaker, left and right surround speakers, zenith speakers and subwoofer perfectly integrated into a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. constitute a new panoramic sound home theater system.

technical solutions

sound field microphone

one key to record panoramic sound field

high quality panoramic audio

real time replay of panoramic sound

available for multiple audio formats

adapt to all kinds of sound acquisition environment

audio mixer

yinman technology audio mixer audio solution, including our exclusive sound processing algorithms, combine with powerful processing dsp and independent multi-channel digital amplifier system, to provide users with a complete set of real-time audio processing and post-audio optimization of the full range of audio processing system. provide customized and personalized high-quality echo, reverb effect as well as a unique singing score system. it could be used in professional stage, home ktv and shared ktv system.

audio software solutions (sdk)

yinkman technology has a complete set of audio software technology solutions, including: audio acquisition, audio processing, audio measurement, audio playback, sound enhancement, sound field optimization, audio codecs, and more. according to the needs, we provide customized and personalized research and development, custom audio object format, support for multiple output modes, and provide various types of processing platform software support.