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core tech

core tech

     yinkman technology mastered the technology from audio capture to pre-processing, codec, post-processing and reproduction, a complete audio processing solution. and a full set of audio algorithms focused in our yinkman toolbox, it could rapidly prototyping of effects for many audio products. after that, embedding the algorithm to the hardware design and conversion the prototype into a stable technical solutions and product solutions.

speaker design

    unit selection, sound chamber design, crossover system design; the unit could be selected according to the volume of the sound chamber or choose the sound chamber according to the unit, design digital and analog two to three crossover systems.

audio capture

    focusing on mono, multichannel and 3d sound fields high-fidelity signal acquisition, and through the noise reduction, crosstalk cancellation, ambisonic and a series of algorithms to ensure high-quality of recording quality.

audio processing

    high quality audio processing for the original audio signal (such as dual-channel, multi-channel movies, songs) according to the playback environment. including cross-talk canceller, filter bank, up mixer, dialog enhancer, dynamic eq, speaker virtualizer, headphone virtualizer .etc.

audio measurement

    acoustic measurements of audio products, especially for speaker and microphone systems. including frequency response measurements for different applications.