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yinkman laboratories is a technology company specializing in research and development of innovative audio products. with our state-of-the-art immersive audio capture, post-processing and reproduction technologies, we are creating a series of smart audio systems accompanied with interactive mobile apps. we are one of the most promising innovative audio technology companies in china.

  • audio capture

    audio capture, far-field pickup, sound source direction finding.etc.

  • audio processing

    panorama sound, high quality reverb, mixing.etc.

  • audio measurement

    frequency response, sound source crosstalk, signal to noise ratio.etc.

  • audio product

    panorama soundbar, planar magnetic headphones.etc.

  • audio assessment

    voice signal quality, audio algorithm quality, noise quality

  • audio algorithm

    acoustic echo cancellation automatic gain control.etc.

  • enhancement

    voice enhancement bass extension 3d sound effects.etc.

  • sound optimization

    adaptive sound field recognition crosstalk cancellation.etc.