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product warranty

intelligence control of all the home audio-visual and theater environmental equipment, create a more comfortable, more convenient and more intelligence home theater audio-visual and entertainment environment. in order to achieve the best viewing, music, games and entertainment audio-visual effects.

    • omnos sounder ym-s100

product warranty

(1)the product enjoys the policy of 7 days without reason to return products stipulated by the state. the above users must keep the outer package and protective film intact, and the products and the outer packing will not affect the two sale. 7 days after the signing of the product, we can enjoy 7 days without any reason to return the goods.

(2)the user from the date of purchase can enjoy a year free warranty, please return and repair the user to save packaging products for at least 30 days, such as warranty problems within one month after the return of the original complete product packaging products, such as two times the damage occurred during transportation, caused by the inability to repair or two repair, maintenance or replacement shall be borne by the user related expenses, to buy time to purchase valid documents issued shall prevail.

(3)warranty is made by purchase card and purchase valid document. when purchasing warranty, it is necessary to produce purchase card and purchase valid document at the same time.


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